Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Professor Chi-Ming Chan (陳志明教授)

A paper by our research group is in the Top 20 Cited Articles list (2000-2002) in Polymer (vol. 43, 2002, p. 2981).

Lau Yiu-Ting Richard, a PhD student, is granted with SIMS Research Award on SIMS XVII, Toronto, for his paper entitled, "Development of Chain Folding of Semi-Crystalline Polymers in Thin Films: A combined ToF-SIMS and PCA Analysis", in 2009.

Lin Yong, a PhD student, has her paper “Effects of surf ace modification of the filler on the impact toughness of polypropylene/CaCO3 nanocomposites ” nominated to the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research Symposium, Salt Lake City at the National ACS Meeting in 2009.

Lau Yiu-Ting Richard, a PhD student, is granted with Best Student Award on SIMS XVI, Kanazawa, for his paper entitled, "Lamellar Orientation on the Surface of a Polymer Determined by ToF-SIMS and AFM", in 2007.

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Updated: March 18 2010


Graduated PhD Students


Shuihan Zhu, graduated Jan 1998, “Effects of Interfacial Interaction on the Properties of Poly(vinyl Chloride)/Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Blends”


Lin Li, graduated October 1999, “Surface Studies of Sequential Copolymers with a Well-Defined Segment Length”

      (Currently Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academia of Science, Beijing)


Jiyun Feng, graduated December 2000, “Conductive Polymer Composites”


Yong Wang, graduated July 2006, “AFM Studies on Detailed Structures and Dynamic Growth of Crystals in BA-Cn Polymer Films”


Yong Lin, graduated Aug. 2009, “Toughening Mechanism of Polypropylene/Calcium Carbonate Nanocomposites”


Yiu-Ting Richard Lau, graduated Jan. 2010, “Study of Surfaces of Semi-crystalline Polymers by Static Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry”


Current Students


Xianwen Ren, a Year-4 PhD student